How to bring the site to the first page of Google?

Google’s ranking factor depends on many factors. If I say literally, there are two ways,
1. SEO

2.Advertising (Paying Google Paid)

SEO : First of all, let’s say, if you want to be in the Google rankings for the long term, this is the best medium. SEO is again divided into two parts – one, on-page. Two, off-page SEO. Simply put, on the page you will make your site useful to submit to Google and submit. So that Google can understand what your site is and why. And off-page, say how much your site or your content needs or how popular it is to the visitor, that is Google. You can do this in different ways. Usually we understand the meaning of backlinks to off-page SEO.


However, in my opinion the most emphasis on content is to rank and retain the ranking. Google has hinted at its latest update. The more user-friendly the content is, the sooner your site will be ranked.

Paid Method : I am not biased at all. It is not possible to survive in the Dara Rankings. Money is over, the ranks are over. So skip the paid method.


Of course , it may take some time for the site to pay your backlinks to SEO , which is completely different.

You can keep an eye on Brian Dean’s Baklinko website to find out more. I hope you get all the answers there.

Hopefully the article will benefit you, so I will say share it for the benefit of the other brothers, and place the vote first. You can message me if you want to know more.

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