How to publish text directly from Google Docs to WordPress

Google Docs is a great On-Go document management system for both personal and professional use. In Google Docks you can use advanced editing tools for free and without any limitation. However, when you move the document from Google Docs to The WordPress website, you will face many problems, such as losing all the emeses and formatting of the document.

But you don’t have to face this problem anymore because now with an add-on you can direct your Google Docs documents to the Format version of the WordPress website! How come? Yeah! I’ll show you this method in today’s tune! So let’s not talk and go to the tune:
Whatever you need:

Some of the requarments will be required to work on this add-on, as provided below: For websites:

  • A Google account to create documents and connect to sites
  • Any browser (if Google Chrome is good)
  • a website with administrator sess.
  • For websites own hosting:
  • A Google account to create documents and connect to The site
  • Any browser (if Google Chrome is good)
  • Admin access to websites with own hosting (only website owners can use this add-on)


To use add-on on your WordPress website, you must first install the add-on. Open the page for Google Docs Add on and install the add-on by clicking the FREE button.

A Google Docs document will open and you will need some permissions, continue directly and then click the Allow button to give permission and install the add-on.

After installing add-on, you’ll need to connect your website to Google Docs. Click on the Add-ons menu from the Google Docs menu and select for Google Docs and click the Open button.

The add-on will be turned on on the right slidebar. Now click the Authorize button to start the authentication process.

A new tab will open and you will have to log in if you are not logged in before you give your account. You then need to select your website from the drop-down menu. Then click the Approval button and then you have to do it.

Now add on to see your website has been logged. However, if you want to add more websites, you can also click the Add WordPress Site button to add other useful sites.

The process of adding add-ons to websites with their own hosting is the same. You just need to install and activat the Jetpack Plugin.

Now, if you want to draft a document directly from Google Docs to your site, click the Save Draft button. Once you’re working again, clicking the Update Draft button will update the draft.

This ad will also work for formatting documents and keeping all e-mails intact while moving drafts from Google Docs to WordPress.

Some of the triblesuits on the site with their own host: website is not supposed to be a problem with the orthorise, but there may be some problems with their own hosted WordPress sites. This add-on is new and of course has bugs, and the add-on is dependent on Jetpack plugins. So many people have problems with their website configuration, jetpack plugin configuration. Below I’ll tell you some simple solutions, i hope you can use it:

  • The website you want to use is 3 days old or 72 hours old. Because the Jetpack plugin is a problem with the domain of the newly registered website.
  • make sure you’re using the latest addition to the Jetpack plugin.
  •  DZEABLE all other plugins without jetpacks, add-ons can be used to re-enable them if they work
  • If you use cloudflare security, then you can also de-enable it, if you work on the add-on you can then re-enable it.
  •  Contact someone on your host yservice if you are not getting rid of any other problems.

Although using this add-on can save a lot of time and cost, I would say double check the document before publishing it directly, because there are times when a lot of things can be missed! So far! Everyone will be fine. God is a man of the people.

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