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SEO is one of the most popular words currently online. Many of us know about SEO and many are interested in learning about SEO. SEO means search engine optimization. But the definition of this search engine optimization is very broad. Over time, the rules of SEO are changing. The SEO field is everywhere, and at least you need to know the basic SEO or ideas for why you don’t want to go online.


What is a search engine?
We search the internet to find information on anything we need. At that time, any information on this website is available to all the world. These sources are known as search engine. Some of the famous search engine names are: google, yahoo, bing etc. In all these sites, if you type a word into the search box and click on the search button, within a few seconds, the link to many websites will be displayed, which will bring you the desired results.


In this case, you need to know how to get your desired clients to know where to find them but also SEO. You started a blog of your own, now you have to do SEO to get this blog visitor. You want to earn money on your blog through Adsense Gold Deer and the main condition for earning this is that you have to have a lot of visitors to your site and you have to do SEO for this visitor.


If you want to do affiliate marketing, that is to say, in simple bangla, the company will act as a salesman. The company will give you a fixed amount of commission for each sale and you will get as much sales as you do now. You purchase this product and you get some commission on it. But online through SEO you have to highlight your product to clients who have lost your other Salesman or Competitor sites in your assigned keyword, which requires web site marketing. In this way, SEO is a much more comprehensive and fairly common type of work that is needed in the online world.


Why Learn Search Engine?
Search engines are created to find people’s information. That is why some of the search engines find some information to find the best information so that the search engine creates some pogroms. Which brings up the best sites in front of a search by comparing some of the sites. They choose the best site to see if the quality of the website, whether the website information is necessary for everyone, or how popular the website is. It shows the results on some of these things.


Why is search engine marketing so important?
Website is created to promote the products of the company. The more people who visit your website, the more they will get an idea about your product or service. Search engine is the main source of visitors to a web site. 5% of visitors come to a web site through search engine. It will increase even more in the future. Search engine is very important for various reasons.
* Any information is freely available, so everyone uses it.
Search engine is a huge repository of all information. That’s why everyone’s dependence on it is increasing day by day.
* Because everyone is searching for information to help search engine, all companies want to put their company website first in search engine search to promote their product.
* All other marketing methods are expensive and less efficient in the current era. SEO, on the other hand, costs less but is at least 5 percent more efficient than the previous approach.

SEO Syllabus
Basics for SEO
2. What is Domain?
2. Knowledge of an uncompromised Web World Wide
Basic) 3 And. Difference between Portal and Search Engines
. Of the SEO Techniques Types
get 5. White Hat techniques
. How Search Engine Works
? SEO Research & Analysis

Market Research
2. Keyword Research and Analysis
2. Keyword opportunity
1. Competitors Website Analysis
. SWOT Analysis of Website
1. As seen in Choose Keywords to Best Of to How
6 And. Tools available for Keyword Research
1. SEO Guidelines for Website Design

Content Research
2. Content Guidelines
2. Content Optimization

Design & Layout
2. XML Sitemap / URL List Sitemap

On-page optimization
2. The Page Title
2. Meta Descriptions & Meta Keywords
2. Headings
2. Bold Text
1. Domain Names & Suggestions
1. Meta Tags
3. Images and Alt Text
3. Internal Link Building
2. Sitemap
1. Invisible Text
1. Server and Hosting Check
1. 301 Redirects
১৩. 404 Error
1. Duplicate content
1. Off-page optimization

Page Rank
2. Link Popularity
II. Link Building in Detail
2. Directory Submission
. Social Bookmark Submission
1. Blog Submission
1. Articles
2. Posting to Forums
1. Submission to Search Engine
1. RSS Feeds Submissions
1. Press Release Submissions
1. Forum Link Building
1. Competitor Link Analysis

2. Google Analytics
II. Installing Google Analytics
৩. How to Study Google Analytics
1. How Google Analytics can Help SEO
1. Advanced Reporting
1. Webmaster Central & Bing / Google / Yandex
৭. Open Site Explorer
3. Website Analysis using various SEO tools available

SEO Tools
2. Keyword Density Analyzer Tools
II. Google Tools
1. Yahoo / Bing / Yandex Tools
৪. Comparison Tools
. Link Popularity Tools
৬. Search Engines Tools
1. Site Tools
1. Miscellaneous Tools

SEO Reporting
2. Google analysis
II. Tracking and Reporting
. Reports Submission

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