iphone 11 pro review

the iPhone 11 pro in the iPhone 11 have been out for a little while and If you’re trying to decide which one to get I’m hoping this will help you decide which one is best for Read more…

Nubia Red 3S Camera Features

camera that can do 8k at 15 frames per second so. If I just snap a quick picture here it’s nice and fast and just my overall impression initially is that it’s quite good it looks pretty Read more…

Nubia Red 3S Release

If you’re looking for that you’ll have that option and then we have a switch up here as well and that switch is for game boost. So that’ll be interesting to check out now on Read more…

Nubia Red 3S Update Features

this is a phone that I’ve been pretty interested to check out since it’s. So different than things I normally look at and this is the Nubia red magic 3s and this comes out in the United States Read more…

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