The Apple TV app but you can still only watch 1080p on YouTube and that’s due to a dispute with Apple and Google and not supporting different versions of codecs that allow you to watch those videos as far as the iPhone 11 goes this is a lower resolution display but it’s a liquid Retina display it’s probably the best retina LCD on the market at this point it’s 1792 by 828 pixels with a density of 326 pixels per inch you still cannot see the pixels and the display does support HDR 10 and you can watch 1080p videos on YouTube so. If we go to one of my videos you can see the resolutions available are 1080p on both of these displays it’s scales to 1080p when you’re watching a YouTube video you can’t see the pixels when you look at them side-by-side they look great overall and I think most people that are not really into specs and things like that will notice no difference whatsoever other than vibrance of an OLED display you will have brighter colors and deeper blacks because on an OLED display where there is the color black it actually turns off those pixels it also goes a lot brighter on the pro you have 800 nits when it’s turned all the way up and it can peak up to 1200 nits on the iPhone 11 it’s hard to show you on this camera

The iPhone 11 goes to about 600 nits as far as its maximum brightness right around those areas. So they’re fairly bright they’re both viewable in sunlight but they are a little bit different now this year all devices that are new have haptic touch 3d touch is gone.

So that means it’s replaced with a long press you still get all of the same features you would before for the most part but it’s more of a long press it’s not as intuitive and you actually don’t feel like you’re pushing into the screen to activate those shortcuts so. If you push on it it’s not exactly the same but it’s the same between all of the new devices. So you’re not compromising when switching from device to device the speakers on both of them are equally loud they both support Dolby Atmos they both have a nice stereo wide stereo sound you have a top speaker up here at the top where you listen to your phone calls but it’s also projecting sound towards you and then at the bottom you also have speakers but they’re a little bit different as far as the size or as or at least the way they look now as you can see together due to the antenna lines it’s a little bita symmetric on the iPhone 11 Pro this isn’t really an issue the sound is all the same and these are the microphone and speaker array.

So overall it’s very good now the batteries are also differentiating factors when it comes to both of these the iPhone 11 Pro has a 3046 million power battery whereas the iPhone 11 has a slightly larger 3110 million power battery however the iPhone 11 Pro tends to get about one to two hours more in battery life overall with screen-on time.


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