the iPhone 11 pro in the iPhone 11 have been out for a little while and If you’re trying to decide which one to get I’m hoping this will help you decide which one is best for you now the first thing is the colors the iPhone 11 Pro comes in this new midnight green color it also comes in Space Gray which I have here in the pro max which they’re identical in every way except their size and you also have a silver and a gold as well on top of those two colors with the iPhone 11 you have an all new green color that I have here you also have a new purple along with white black yellow and product red. So those are all the colors that are available for these devices now the actual price of them is a little bit different in fact the iPhone 11 pro comes in at $300 above what we have with the iPhone 11.

So the prices start at $9.99 and go all the way to 1349 at those prices you’ve got the option for 64 256 or 512 gigabytes of storage it is not expandable storage in either of the devices on the iPhone 11 this one comes in at $6.99 which is $50 cheaper than last year’s iPhone 10 our model and goes all the way to eight hundred and fourtynine dollars it comes in 64 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage the sweet spot is 128 gigabytes for the iPhone 11 since it’s only $50 more.

So I would go for that. If you need a little bit more storage it’s seven hundred and fourtynine dollars now the actual construction of both of these devices is a little bit different the iPhone 11 pro is made out of stainless steel.

So it’s got a stainless steel band all the way around it’s both glass back and frontand it’s supposed to be stronger glass this year on both devices but the pro and the pro max also have a matte finish on the back whereas the camera bump is actually a glossy finish Apple has changed this on the iPhone 11models and swapped that around.

So you’ll see that the back is glossy on the iPhone 11 where the camera bump is actually a little bit of a matte texture so it’s all one piece of glass now the construction of the iPhone 11 is aluminum and you have this aluminum ring around the outside edge similar to the iPhone 10 are of last year but that’s the main difference as far as build when it comes to the actual weight of them the weight is very similar the iPhone 11pro is six point six three ounces or 188 grams the iPhone 11 is six point eight four ounces or 194 grams. So they’re very close and weight and you do have that size difference though because this is aluminum it will be a little bit lighter than the pro max model.

If you’re going for that now the big factor that’s different between both of these is the display on the iPhone 11 pro you have an OLED display which has more vibrant colors along with a higher pixel density so you have 2436 by 1125 with 458 pixels per inch this year Apple calls it as uper Retina XDR display it allows for HDR video.

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