camera that can do 8k at 15 frames per second so. If I just snap a quick picture here it’s nice and fast and just my overall impression initially is that it’s quite good it looks pretty good it does have a knight mode as well so.

If we go back into the camera you’ve got Knight modes you’ve got a beauty mode here they call pretty and a pro mode let’s go over to pro mode here. So you can adjust the ISO the focus shutter white balance and everything you want.

So it’s actually pretty full-featured and then again it’sgot that 16 megapixel forward facing camera as well and it’s got autofocus of course and everything else but this phone is all about gaming and the interesting thing is is as soon as you switch this switch on here the LED lights turn on on the back which is supposed to be ambient lighting and it changes based on the game you’re playing it also has a fan that turns on and you can control all of these in the settings but you’ll see now we’re in the game mode here and. So we can swipe through different games we have installed and load them so. If we go and do to this game we’ll just turn down the volume here we can hit play and everything is super fast now we have some options

if we swipe in from the right we can set up touch buttons we’ve got the triggers on the top which is great for certain types of games it even tells us what our CPU temperature is we can turn the fan on and off we’ve can turn off messages block calls put it in standby we can record the screen it’s got a builtin screen recorder. So it’s really interesting to see a phone that has all of these features in it. So let’s get into this I don’t know.

If you can hear that but the fan just kicked up.

So it’s weird to have a phone with a fan but it’s performing really well it’s super smooth. So we’ll hit next now. If that fans too much you can just pop in some headphones here and then just listen to it that way or you can turn the fan off altogether and it’s nice and quiet so it’s just up to you however you want to do it. So you’ll see the frame rights rates are super smooth I’m recording this video at 60 frames per second so hopefully you can see it I don’t play this game often but it’s just showing me I know how to play this game but for some reason it’s bringing me through this and you’ll see it just looks fantastic it really is sharp and fast I haven’t seen a single slowdown yet and it’s just super interesting to see a phone that’s focused on gaming like this I know there’s been others but this one just feels very solid has a beautiful 90 Hertz display and is really great to use so far now let’s go into a different game you have to actually go back to.


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