game space in order to get out of this. So you have to swipe to the right go to game space then get back out.

So we’ll go over to the new Call of Duty game now I’m not going to play a ton of games here but I think you get the idea that this is ideal for anyone that wants gaming the sound out of this is quite good as well and as you’ll see here the LEDs are still going on the back you can turn them off.

If you don’t like them. So you just drag whatever you want to use for the trigger over whatever you’re using.

So we’ll just drag that here and now I can use this for the trigger now when you’re playing this game using triggers definitely gives you the advantage that’s for sure but you can see how fast this is and how smooth the frame rates are the back is actually getting quite warm but there’s no slowdown whatsoever we’re running at 90 Hertz it looks great and this looks like what we had on a console with an Xbox 360 or something along those lines. So overall I think it’s pretty great for what it is so. If you want to get out you go back to game space and then you can switch to pubG or whatever game you’d like you can add a game here and maybe we want to add Mario Kart we can add Mario Kart it’s just a little switch on the right we go back and now we’ve got Mario Kart. So it’s pretty interesting to see a phone like this when you’re done gaming flip the switch off and now we’re back to the home screen and back to normal usage now this is running Android 9pi which unfortunately is a version behind but again it does have some features that you don’t get elsewhere a multicolor LED strip for the setting on the back picture-in-picture game docking station. If you have that and then a couple other settings as well so. If we go to system and go to system update you’ll see it’s version 3.0 of their software but it’s Android 9 pi.

So who knows how often it will be updated that’s probably the only disadvantage of this phone it’s under $500 and you get a lot the latest processor 8 gigs of ram or 12 depending on which one you a great camera in the back. So far and I think.

If you’re really into gaming and you want a phone that should probably last quite a while since it’s got a huge battery this might be for you but let me know what you think about it in the comments below it’s really interesting and something I haven’t seen before and it’s nice to get my hands on something that’s completely different but let me know your thoughts in the comments below if you haven’t like already please like and.

If you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is blog I’ll see you next time.


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