If you’re looking for that you’ll have that option and then we have a switch up here as well and that switch is for game boost.

So that’ll be interesting to check out now on the back we’ve got a fingerprint sensor and this is a 48 megapixel rear facing camera now you only get one along with a flash there’s a little microphone here in the upper right but this camera is a Sony sensor it has an F 1.79 aperture and it’s wide angle it also will record 8 K for 15 frames per second now I’m not sure why you would want to do 15 frames per second but it can do it and it should be pretty interesting to look at now on the front we have a forward facing camera and the forward facing camera is 16 megapixels now let’s go ahead and turn it on there we go and it should have a pretty stock version of Android on it now this display is 6.65 inches it’s an HDR AMOLED that supports dcpip three color space. So you’ll see Nubia privacy policy and you’ll have to agree to that to continue and now we’ve got the stock set up for Android. So this is a six point six five inch HDR AMOLED DCI p3 display at twenty three forty by 1080 with 388 pixels per inch now it is a ninety Hertz refresh rate.

So it should be super smooth it’s also got 240 Hertz of touch responsiveness. So that’s pretty high as far as that goes the other interesting thing is it has a five thousand milliamp hour battery so this thing is pretty pretty loaded especially for under $500. So let’s go ahead and set it up. So it’s asking me.

If I want to copy data from another Android phone or something else I’m not going to copy I’m going to set it up as new put in my email address now we set up the fingerprint sensor now that I’m signed in. So we’ll go next have to set up a pin just do one two three four four now Google assistant is set up.

So now we’re at the home screen and this should be closer to stock Android other than this little skin over here. So we’ve got an app drawer here there’s nothing else in it and then it’s very standard as far as Android goes let’s pull down here and that’s it as far as we’ve got there now the game accelerator we should turn this on and you’ll hear that noise it says separate game spaces restore handheld gaming experience and we’ll hit start now we can add a game. So I’ll have to install a game and try that out and we can get alerts.

So let’s go back and let’s try a game I’ve been using this phone for a little bit and as you can see it’s got a live wallpaper on the back I changed it up a little bit and I’ve got a bunch of games installed that I’ve tried as well now before we get to the games this has a 48 megapixel rear

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